Mathsly is a consulting firm using mathematics to answer in a professional and scientific manner to the questions of non-mathematical researchers who desire a mathematical support for their studies.

Data processing, mathematical models and applications of maths in different fields are some of examples of my work. Flexibility and versatility given by the mathematical knowledge allow me to cooperate in many international research projects applying maths in many fields: medicine, life sciences, economics, sociology, finance, marketing, management, and much more besides.

My job is not only to carry out calculus, but it consists in finding performant solutions to problems in different research fields. Being a mathematician and cooperating in research team means contribute to science in a innovative manner.

99% of my customers has been satisfied by the received mathematical advices. Perfect adherence to agreed times, high professionalism, seriousness and rigor, constant support and always beside my clients: these are the main features of my work. Request information and test our consulting services yourself.

Our Services

Mathematical adviceOnline LessonsScientific papers and review serviceCommission research or Collaboration projectReview of scientific books and papersEditing and proofreading of scientific article
A professional and scientific advice, dedicated to researchers who need a mathematical support for their work so as to increase the value of their research studies: data processing, mathematical models, identification of new methods for innovative research hypotheses. Our services are dedicated to scientists, researchers, laboratories and research centers, universities, and postgraduates. 

Mathsly Academy is dedicated to those who desire to learn maths easily. A series of lessons created to learn you how solve exercises and problems. Learn only the lesson you need, without boring courses and subscriptions. Visit our Academy.  
 A series of services dedicated to those researchers who need to public a scientific article: research project, statistical analysis, editing and proofreading. 
Dedicated to research groups that need a trusted mathematician/statistician to create a professionally and scientifically advanced team capable of conducting researches and experimentations in the most advanced fields of medicine and economics . 
Dedicated to the authors of texts and scientific articles who wish to spread their publication. Visit page.
A service dedicated to proofreading and editing of scientific texts for those who have already carried out their study and need an external opinion (as a trustworthy reviewer), someone who takes care of proofreading, evaluates quantitative part and checks text. 

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Welcome on Mathsly. We are working to prepare the new English version of our site. If you need to contact us, please send a mail to info@mathsly.it Thank you for

Mathematics Consultant

The core of my work is represented by mathematics. Each professional advice is based on mathematical methods: from the first logical approach to the resolution of the specific problem. Fields of maths application are several: life sciences, omic sciences (molecular biology), signals analysis and biomedical science, mathematical models in different sectors, as economics, finance, logistics and transport, weather forecast, research and development, telecommunication, industry, universities and research centers. As consultant, I can answer to several issues in these fields by means of mathematics.

Mathematical advise on a full-scale

My work is without end. Thanks to the mathematical potentiality, I am able to give professional advices in several areas, different and seemingly distant from those typically of maths. A wide flexibility due to maths skills acquired in nearly 7 years of study and research, I can offer you a mathematical advice in different ways, adapting my work to your actual requirements: from a brief advice to a strong collaboration in research projects for science or industry. 

Our services are dedicated to researchers and professionals who need to widen their work and activity accessing to a mathematical and trustworthy adviser.

Dedicated to non-mathematical researchers and professionals

Very often, researchers and professionals operating in context far from maths run into difficulties because their specific research field presents problems linked with maths and statistics. My work is to give an answer to researchers’ questions in maths area, giving them professional and scientific advices through an interdisciplinary collaboration.

Mathematical research and innovation

Starting from maths and the skills that derive from its knowledge, in the last years I have developed a strong problem solving capacity so as to use maths in fields seemingly far from numbers and maths formulas.

Hard quantitive problems or search of new solutions, often innovative, are the core of my work. The challenges which arriving in each moment from the research world or industry sector are as engaging as mathematically hard. Facing up them in a right way, solution-oriented, is the aim of my work.

Besides Statistics

Statistics and its methodology overcome a simple test or percentage as many people believe. I think that it is important for each study to use and read statistical output with a strongly mathematical eye, knowing in each moment what means and where conduces a single mathematical step. We do only not carry out statistical analysis, but also we solve your problem.


Thanks to technology, I am able to give you professional advices in each moment and wherever you are. Starting a new project does not only mean identify a way to solve the beginning problem, but also it means to make sure that the advice and the cooperating become an integral part of the research with all benefits for the success of the science.

The future is mathematical

Our world become every day more technical and always more maths-oriented. The automation and the use of smart machines allow to make sure that maths is a key element for developing innovative and performant research projects. I believe that my services maths-based are exceptional because it could help people and firms to overcome their technical difficulties and to identify possible ways to reach an effective competitive advantage.

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About me

I am Marilù Garo and Mathsly is the name of my consulting firm, dedicated to mathematics and all its applications. Mathsly started as idea in 2011, becoming every day more concrete and strong.

Today, I work with many researchers to support their work adding an important contribute to their studies, analyzing and demonstrating the validity of their research hypothesis by means of mathematics and statistics. 

Applying mathematics to many scientific fields, as medicine or economy, and finding solutions to complex research questions is the core of my work. Working with numbers, or as I love saying, “playing” with numbers, is what I do every day and this allows me to participate in the most exciting challenges that the research world is facing, collaborating daily with the best researchers.

Mathematician and Statistical Analyst

Since 2012 I have been carrying out statistical analyzes for researchers and scientists every day. In every field and in different contexts, I am able to apply mathematics to real life, becoming more and more expert every day. I cooperate in international research projects in the medicine, economy, marketing, and much more besides.

I elaborate, monitor and support scientific researchers providing them statistical analyses and mathematical advices so that their works can be published on important scientific journals.

Mathematics, physics and statistics teacher

I like teaching and always remain a great passion. It allows me to transmit science and mathematics in particular, in an increasingly easy, compelling and innovative way. I believe that access to science is the great revolution of this century and the internet and technology are two excellent allies for this success.

A mathematical consultant to support, help, and advice you


  • Extensive experience in statistics and online teaching;
  • Creative intelligence and intellectual capacity to adapt to all work contexts;
  • Ability to implement increasingly innovative scientific studies and research projects.

Language skills

  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Computer skills

  • Office and Windows
  • Statistical software (SPSS; STATA, eViews, and R)

About me…

Medicine and economics are two great passions together with mathematics, physics and statistics. I think that science is not a separate set of knowledge, but a single great book to be discovered in the light of different disciplines. I love my job and I am a point of reference and safety for my clients for the patience and determination with which I like to overcome the obstacles of the most difficult studies. The passion for my work means that every study and every project becomes a part of me, living each new job as a new challenge to overcome!

I learned that there are 999 ways not to build a light bulb (as Edison said) and that mistakes are part of the growth path. Today I know that by continuing to work and to believe, it is possible to learn even from the paths considered unsuccessful, so as to grow in experience, professionalism and knowledge without ever stopping dreaming!

Not setting limits to your knowledge will help you discover your infinity

My scientific papers

Scientific papers as co-author

1. Antibiotic prescribing for endodontic infections: a survey of dental students in Italy – (M Salvadori, E Audino, G Venturi, M L Garo, S Salgarello) – Int Endod J. 2019 Apr 14. doi: 10.1111/iej.13126

2. Effectiveness of intensive neurorehabilitation in obese subacute stroke patients – (Ciancarelli I, Tonin P, Garo ML, Tozzi Ciancarelli MG) – Funct Neurol. 2019 Jan-Mar;34(1):45-51.

3. Efficacy of an oral supplement containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, alpha-lipoic acid, methylsulfonylmethane and vitamins on vaginal dryness in young women – (Angelucci M, Frascani F, Garo ML) – Nutrafoods (2019); 1:58-67

4. Influence of neurorehabilitation on stroke-induced modifications of the quadriceps muscle in elderly subacute stroke patients with paresis – (Ciancarelli I, Mariangeli F, Tonin P, Ciofani E, Garo ML, Tozzi Ciancarelli MG.) –Funct Neurol. 2019 Apr/Jun; 34(2):99-105.